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Name: Phoenix Award Bios
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Date added: February 16, 2013
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How old are you? Nothing like that will happen again. Don't worry. This is it. How about a sweater? I saw a really nice one in the mall the other day. Maybe we can go there and take a look. I'll be back in ten minutes. She isn't good enough for him. My father used to drink till late at night. I'll be back at six. I was nearly hit by a car. He got angry.
Phoenix Award Bios: - My father suggested that we go to the movies this afternoon.
- Do you think that handguns should be made illegal?
- No, they're not students, but there are a lot of students living in the building.
- There were demonstrations against the government by Japanese university students in the 1960's.
- This just might come in handy someday.
- What time is check out?
- She made him happy.
- You are a good cook, aren't you?
- She thought she could get him to like her.
- Yeah, its been a while. I started feeling this way last Monday.
Everything went black. It's a cloudy day. Take this folding umbrella with you. It might come in handy. Can I have a replacement? He has trouble remembering names. You should have told me yesterday. I know what you mean. I'm ready. I would like to meet the manager. I have a complaint to make. Are you here for work?

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